As a sovereign fund: Al-Dabaiba stresses the necessity of presenting all data on closing the final accounts of the Investment Corporation to the Libyans.

Tripoli: The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, ‘Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba,’ today, Monday, during his meeting with the Chairman of the Libyan Investment Corporation, ‘Ali Mahmoud,’ followed up on the final accounts and consolidated lists of the Corporation and its subsidiaries.

“Mahmoud” presented a position to the Prime Minister regarding the final accounts and consolidated lists of the institution and its subsidiaries, which were reviewed by the external auditor, the international company EY, according to what was published by the government’s Our Government platform.

The head of the Libyan Investment Corporation also presented the head of government with a picture of the legal measures taken by the institution regarding the cases brought against it in a number of countries in cooperation with the case management and the Office of the Attorney General.

Al-Dabaiba stressed the necessity of completing the audit work and closing the institution’s final account until the end of the year 2023, and
highlighting this data and displaying it to all Libyans as it is the state’s sovereign fund.

During the meeting, Al-Dabaiba also stressed the need to give priority to following up on the cases brought before the institution, in cooperation with the relevant state institutions.

Source: Libyan News Agency