BREAKING: Ministry of Defence announces martyrdom of three members of UAE Armed Forces in a terrorist act in SomaliaThe High Council of State discusses with the German Parliament the political situation in the country and the electoral laws of the Committee (6 + 6). ?

ABU DHABI: The UAE Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced the martyrdom of three members of the UAE Armed Forces and an officer from the Bahrain Defence Force, along with the injury of two others, in a terrorist act in the Republic of Somalia, while fulfilling their mission to train and qualify the Somali Armed Forces as part of a bilateral agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Somalia that falls within the military cooperation between the two countries. In a statement, the MoD prayed to Allah Almighty to have mercy on the martyrs, and extended its deepest condolences to their families, wishing for a full and swift recovery for those injured. The Ministry added that the United Arab Emirates continues to coordinate and cooperate with the Somali government in investigating the heinous terrorist act. Source: Emirates News Agency The First Deputy Chairman of the High Council of State, Masoud Obaid, discussed today, Sunday, with a member of the German Parliament, Tobias Bächer, the current political situation in the country, the electoral laws issued by the (6+6) Committee, and the Council's vision on the proposal submitted by the head of the UN mission, Abdullah Batili. The Council's media office stated that the meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Council's Political Committee, "Abdulaziz Hurriya", the Vice-Chairman of the Council's Liberties and Human Rights Committee, "Mr. Al-Haddad", the German Ambassador to Libya, "Michael Unmacht", and his accompanying delegation. The meeting discussed the importance of strengthening bilateral relations in a way that serves the interests of both countries, and ways to reach fair elections on legal foundations agreed upon by all. During the meeting, Masoud Obaid praised the efforts made by the German Republic in supporting municipalities and development projects. Source: Libyan News A gency