Contact details of the President and the US Secretary of State

Ramallah – Together – President Mahmoud Abbas received a phone call, Monday evening, from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, during which he offered congratulations on the formation of the new Palestinian government and the start of its work.

During the call, the latest developments on the Palestinian arena and developments in the ongoing efforts to stop the aggression against our people were discussed, as the President stressed the necessity of immediately stopping the continuing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip.

The President stressed the importance of accelerating the entry of relief, medical and food supplies, and providing water, electricity and fuel to the entire Gaza Strip, including the northern Gaza area.

The President called on the US Secretary of State to prevent any military operation that the occupation forces might carry out in the city of Rafah, warning of the consequences of that if it happens, especially on innocent civilians.

His Excelle
ncy reiterated his rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinian people, whether in the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

The President also reiterated that the Gaza Strip is an integral part of the Palestinian state, and it is not possible to accept or deal with the plans of the occupation authorities to separate it, or to cut off any inch of its land, and it falls under the responsibility of the State of Palestine and under its administration.

His Excellency stressed the need for the American side to intervene to prevent the displacement of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank by the occupation authorities, especially the Jordan Valley areas, which are witnessing a silent and planned annexation by settlers and the occupation army, as well as to stop the attacks of terrorist settlers in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and more. Pressure for the release of Palestinian clearance funds, the opening of all checkpoints in the West Bank, and the State of Palestine’s control over
its international crossings so that it can carry out the responsibilities assigned to it.

For his part, the US Secretary of State congratulated the President on the formation of the new Palestinian government, stressing that the United States of America looks forward to working with it to strengthen bilateral relations, wishing it success in its duties.

He stressed that the United States will press to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip, bring in aid, and work for a political solution that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state, in cooperation with Palestine and the Arab parties.

Source: Maan News Agency