Jordan’s Strategy for Gaming, E-Sports Targets Economic Growth for 2023-2027

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship recently approved the Jordanian Strategy for Games and Electronic Sports for the period 2023-2027. This strategy is set to increase the contribution of the gaming and e-sports sector by 1 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Central to the strategy is the creation of 3,000 job opportunities in the sector over the next five years. Plans have been set in motion to establish four rehabilitation and training centers specialized in electronic games and sports. The Ministry has the goal of attracting five international companies to invest in the sector, in addition to 20 emerging, small and medium-sized firms. The Kingdom aims to host five regional and international tournaments as part of this strategy. Initiatives will be taken to raise the awareness of e-sports as a viable profession among players’ parents by 25 percent. There is also a focus on improving health and moral awareness among players by 80 percent. The strategy intends to nurture 1,500 professional players and certified coaches and seeks to enhance the national e-sports team’s participation in regional and international tournaments by 50 percent. Jordan’s reputation in the electronic games sector is noteworthy. The nation is among the regional leaders in developing and publishing electronic games. Jordanian companies and developers have garnered respect for their skills and professionalism on the global stage. Presently, over 15 medium and small companies in the country specialize in the production of electronic games, providing employment to around 300 individuals, along with numerous independent developers. The strategy is expected to further stimulate economic growth, boost job creation, increase investment, and enhance sports tourism. Additionally, it aims to strengthen social ties, develop skills, and foster digital culture. The Ministry’s vision for economic modernization is themed “A Better Future.” It is built on the pillars of accelerated growth and enhancing the quality of life for all Jordanians. The strategy will be implemented through eight economic growth engines, spanning 35 primary and sub-sectors. In the vision, the creative industries sector, which encompasses games and electronic sports, stands out as pivotal. The sector currently contributes 1.9 percent to the total GDP and 1.1 percent to Jordan’s total exports. In 2021, it accounted for 10,400 jobs. The Economic Modernization Vision seeks to position Jordan as a significant hub for game and e-sport development both regionally and internationally. The strategy for games and electronic sports aims to transform Jordan into a regional and international development center for the industry. It will focus on fostering a conducive environment for the growth of electronic gaming in Jordan, encouraging investment, and promoting a safe and supportive atmosphere for players. The Ministry collaborated with various stakeholders and employed international best practices to formulate the Jordanian Strategy for Games and Electronic Sports 2023-2027. The global gaming and e-sports industry is witnessing exponential growth, attracting the attention of companies and investors worldwide. The International Federation of Electronic Sports, established in 2008 in South Korea, now boasts a membership of 109 countries, including Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency