Military maneuver by Ans District tribes in Dhamar

Popular units of the tribes of Anas District, within the General Mobilization Forces in Dhamar province, carried out a military maneuver, under the slogan ‘Loyalty to the Commander of the Faithful.’

The maneuver included operations to confront hypothetical enemy forces according to a scenario of fire clashes in different terrains, operations of return, escape, repellency, attacks on several axes, and field advances in areas of clashes, leading to engagement with the forces of the hypothetical enemy from a distance of zero, during which the hypothetical enemy suffered human and material losses.

The maneuver reviewed part of the military knowledge that participants received during the open military courses, including the use of light and medium weapons, aspects of weapons maintenance, camouflage, the arts of concealment, storming, luring, and reconnaissance.

During the maneuver, the province’s general mobilization official, Ahmed Al-Durani, stressed the importance of intensifying efforts and preparing for an
y upcoming confrontations with the nation’s enemies.

Al-Durani pointed out that holding the maneuver, coinciding with nine years of steadfastness in the face of enemies, comes while the Yemeni armed forces, represented by drones, missile forces, and naval forces, are carrying out a series of qualitative operations in support of the Palestinian people, who are facing a war of genocide and massacres, in light of international silence and regional neglect. .

He stressed the need to raise readiness and combat preparedness, and to continue holding open military courses. In preparation for supporting the armed forces, and translating the directives of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council, and the armed forces when necessary.

The General Mobilization Officer appreciated the role of the directorate leaders in expanding the establishment of open military courses, raising readiness in preparation for supporting the Palestinian people, supporting the armed forces and security services in facing
the challenges facing the nation.

Source: Yemen News Agency