Opening tender envelopes for eight rural water projects in Hodeida

The Envelopes Committee of the General Authority for Rural Water Projects opened the envelopes for two tenders for eight rural water projects in Hodeida province, at a cost of 207 million and 400 thousand riyals, funded by the Hodeida province Support and Development Fund.

In its meeting today, headed by the Chairman of the Rural Water Projects Authority – Chairman of the Tenders Committee, Adel Saleh Bader, the committee opened tender envelopes for the supply, transportation, installation and operation of a solar-powered pumping unit for the Al-Maqasa water projects in Al-Marawa’ah and Al-Qahra’ in Jabal Ras and Al-Khabitiyah in Al-Maghlaf and supervision in Al-Jarahi in Al-Hodeida province.

The head of the Rural Water Projects Authority, Bader, explained that the water projects whose envelopes were opened today come within the framework of the projects implemented by the Authority as a translation of the directives of the Revolutionary Leadership, the Supreme Political Council, and the leadership of the
Ministry of Water and Environment in improving water services for citizens.

Adel Bader expressed the Authority’s readiness to provide facilities to contractors and suppliers implementing rural water projects.

He expressed hope for the speedy completion of projects and the accuracy of implementation in accordance with the contracts signed with them and according to the necessary specifications, standards and conditions.
Source: Yemen News Agency