Over 1.27 million residency medical fitness examinations conducted at EHS’ Centres in 2023

DUBAI: Public Health Centres and Medical Fitness Examination Centres affiliated with Emirates Health Services (EHS) administered more than 1.27 million medical fitness tests for residency visa applicants in the previous year.

This highlights EHS’ continuous commitment to enhancing its services, meeting customers’ needs and expectations, and improving their overall experience.

March of the previous year witnessed the highest number of medical fitness tests for residency visas, amounting to 113,398. Conversely, April of the same year saw the lowest number with 84,461 individuals. The health centres efficiently and smoothly managed appointment scheduling and visa examinations during this period.

Dr. Shamsa Lootah, Director of the Public Health Department at EHS, confirmed that the health centres efficiently conducted medical fitness examinations for residency visas for over 1.27 million individuals. She noted that monthly visits to the centres typically ranged between 90,000 and 113,000. Dr. Lootah highlighte
d EHS’ dedication to providing the necessary healthcare infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for individuals.

She highlighted that these substantial efforts align with the EHS’ dedication to delivering top-tier healthcare and safeguarding the well-being of the UAE’s population and residents. She emphasised that medical examinations are a fundamental component of the essential measures to uphold the UAE’s public health standards.

Source: Emirates News Agency