JHCO distributed 1,717 tonnes of flour in Gaza during Ramadan

Amman: Jordan Hashemite Charitable Organization (JHCO) distributed 1,717 tonnes of flour to displaced and affected families in the Gaza Strip during month of Ramadan.

In a statement Saturday, JHCO’s Secretary-General, Dr. Hussein Shibli, said each Gazan family received a share of 25 kilograms of flour, as part of the JHCO’s ongoing charitable effort to support the affected population in Gaza Strip.

Shibli noted JHCO will continue sending aid based on updated need lists in its effort to provide the best services to people affected by crises and ensure that support reaches eligible beneficiaries.

After a four-month disruption, the JHCO “successfully” delivered this vital substance into northern Gaza, due to the blockade that hindered food supply operations.

This step played a “vital” role in alleviating burden on Gazan families suffering from food scarcity and successive crises, the statement said.

Source: Jordan News Agency